Homework 6-8

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 Homework 6-8

All homework assignments will be listed at the end of each school day.

 Grade 6 Homework


Reading Vocabulary
Test Thursday
Reading Comp
​MathPg. 86-87  1-13
Soc. Studies
ScienceFinish Chapter 5 L2 Directed reading #1-16
​SpanishWS Pgs. 250, 251  *Test on IR verbs when you return
OtherResearch National Park Project nps.gov due Wednesday / Creative writing - finish simile packet

 Grade 7 Homework

 ​Literature"Christmas Carol" test on Friday
​​SpellingUnit 14 Test on Friday
​MathWB Pgs. 65 & 68 & Practice test
Geography-Historystudy for test
ScienceChapter 6 test on Friday
​SpanishVocabulary test on Friday
OtherComputer: Country PowerPoint presentation / ornament /  Art - MCA Art contest picture due December 8th  

 Grade 8 Homework

​ReligionAdvent worksheet
Social Studies

Section review
​HealthLesson 7 worksheet