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Wellness Policy

The vision for Catholic education in the Diocese of Greensburg is one where the environment of every school physically, mentally, morally, spiritually, and socially nurtures children to feel and be secure and loved, to love and respect themselves as children of God, to love and care for one another, and to love coming to school and learning, doing, and succeeding.

The schools in the Diocese of Greensburg recognize that wellness and proper nutrition are related to students’ well-being, growth, development, and readiness to learn.  Research continues to support the inextricable links between student health, behavior, and academic achievement. Schools that exemplify healthy eating and physical activity strongly influence the development of sound lifetime habits, preferences, and practices for  all-around good health. 

To ensure the health and well-being of all students, the Office of Catholic Schools establishes that the schools in the Diocese of Greensburg shall provide to students:

  • A comprehensive nutritional program consistent with federal and state requirements.
  • Access at reasonable cost to foods and beverages that meet established nutrition guidelines.
  • Physical education courses and opportunities for developmentally appropriate physical activity during the school day.
  • Curriculum programs for grades K-12 that are designed to educate students about proper nutrition and lifelong physical activity, in accordance with Pennsylvania curriculum regulations and academic standards.


Nutrition Education

Nutrition education will be provided within the sequential, comprehensive health education program in accordance with curriculum regulations and the academic standards for Health, Safety, and Physical Education.

  • Nutrition education shall teach, model, encourage, and support healthy eating by students.  Promoting student health and nutrition enhances readiness for learning and increases student achievement.
  • Nutrition education shall provide all students with the knowledge and skills needed to lead healthy lives.
  • Nutrition education lessons and activities should be age appropriate.