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​Fifth graders participate in the Adopt a Pilot Program.

Academic Programs

 Religious Education 
The goal of religious instruction is to help the child develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and lead a lifestyle based on the Gospel values.  Religion classes are held on a daily basis. They incorporate and support the Gospel values by applying them to everyday life and situations.  Daily prayer, seasonal devotions, sacramental preparation, Mass, and participation in a faith community are important components of the religious program.

A variety of activities, using various modes of learning, are used within the math curriculum.  Many of the activities are either teacher-to-student interaction or peer-to-peer interaction.  In order to reinforce and review mathematical concepts, we use a number of hands-on activities and mental exercises, which also help the students to develop higher levels of thinking.

Language Arts
The language arts curriculum consists of a combination of reading, English, spelling, and handwriting.  The goal is to teach communication skills that are necessary to express oneself both orally and in written form.

Reading is emphasized throughout all grades.  In the primary years, students are introduced to a phonetic-based approach along with the incorporation of sight words.  Oral reading, reading skills, vocabulary building, and comprehension are emphasized throughout the reading curriculum.  The students are also required to read many of the classics, the newspaper and books for enjoyment.

English is taught in all grade levels.  The students learn the rules of grammar and the parts of speech.  They are exposed to creative writing and expository writing.

Spelling and Handwriting
Spelling is taught in first through eighth grade. The students are required to learn the spelling and meaning of the weekly words.  They are also taught, and encouraged, to use the dictionary.

Handwriting is emphasized in all grades.  Proper writing position, size, slant, spacing, letter form, and neatness are taught.  The students begin to learn cursive writing in second grade.  Legibility and neatness are required at all times.

Science is taught in harmony with the religious teachings of the Catholic Church.  Nature is explored through studies of life science and physical science.  Gospel values are integrated with emphasis on the effect that man's decision-making has on all three major divisions of scientific study.

Health and wellness are integrated into the science curriculum through the study of systems of the body, safety, good nutrition, drug and alcohol awareness, self-esteem, and positive relationships.  The health and wellness program is designed to help students acquire decision-making skills.

Social Studies
Social Studies is taught in all grade levels.  The curriculum content ranges from community helpers to history and geography where students develop an understanding of the earth and its peoples.  Current events are incorporated into daily lessons through discussion and use of the newspaper.

Students in grades prekindergarten through eighth grade are given the opportunity to use computers in conjunction with educational software.  Students are exposed to the technology associated with the computer world.  They are taught the proper names of the computer system, commands needed to operate the system, and general computer language.  In addition to computers in each classroom, a modern computer laboratory is maintained at St. John the Evangelist school.

Physical Education 
Physical education prepares the students to meet the physical demands of effective living, self-responsibility, and leadership roles.

Art provides freedom of expression. Students experience art through age-appropriate techniques and a variety of mediums.

The music program is multi-disciplined.  It consists of liturgical, secular, and traditional music combined with basic theory, rhythm, and movement.  Private music lessons are offered by the instrumental specialist.

Foreign Language 
Students receive foreign language instruction in grades one through eight. Students learn the language through speaking, writing, reading, and listening activities.  The culture is experienced through multimedia activities.